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Dancing aqueilegia

Advocacy Musings for June 18

Well, summer is with us. She called in a few weeks ago and we all thought she would disappear again the way she had come; quietly, unobtrusively, an unassuming and almost invisible guest stopping only for a day or two. But no, here she is filling our lives with dashes of colour and flamboyance. Somewhat petulant and unpredictable certainly, some days she refuses to shine and is moody and cool. But most of the time she laughs entertainingly and wears the scent of early roses and cherry blossom. Let’s enjoy her presence while she’s here.

It is six months since I started this series of “musings.” The first one was way back in December and though we were in icy and dark days for some reason what came to mind then was an image of the river Manifold. I am still thinking of life as being a bit like a river – one that slides and trickles slowly sometimes through meadows and in other places roars over rocks, bending as a meandering snake through wide valleys and darting as an arrow might through gulley and cleft. My flow was hampered by a dam in late November last year when I broke my hip but now I am beginning to sense that river once more as an energy force that gets over obstacles, eventually and goes where it will.

Peaks and Dales Advocacy is still running. Many people think we have stopped but they have only to look at our web site to see that we have not or to speak to one of us. We are limited in what we can do in the field of advocacy until, to continue the analogy, our particular stream breaks free and goes where it will. Perhaps that won’t happen for PADA. Maybe it will dry up. One thing that is for certain though is that river we know as advocacy which flows into many others, disappearing from time to time and reappearing in unexpected places must continue to be a force in our society as long as people need to be born along by it to better places.

I will conclude these musings here and go off to find that guest I spoke of earlier. I hear her singing in the garden. I think today she is wearing that long skirt of pale aquilegia dipped in dew.

Peter Dawson – Advocate/Senior Advocacy Development Worker, Peaks and Dales Advocacy. 

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